Tips for buying a dream home

24 Nov 2021

Purchasing a dream home might become a tedious job. But if you could keep these factors in mind, to make the process of home buying budget-friendly a seamless transition.

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Buying a home or Renting one: What’s beneficial in the long run?

18 Nov 2021

While owning a home is typically every Indian’s dream but due to some reasons, they can’t or they don’t. Here we are listing 4 benefits that would state why buying a home is beneficial in the long run. Moreover, SG group is all set to fulfill the dream of many of possessing a home, which they can call their ‘own’.

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Best time to buy your dream home

11 Nov 2021

The pandemic has severely affected the real estate market in India. The residential prices have been revised across Indian cities. With the Government policies focused on improving demand keeping the home loan interest rates to historic low, the environment is right for end users and investors to enter the market.

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Buying Home? Consider these 5 things before you do!

28 Oct 2021

Buying a home is an important decision in life that involves the entire family and its needs. It's a Milestone in a person's life. So, buying Home is a capital-intensive investment therefore it should be backed by a thoughtful research and decision, instead of an emotional plunge.

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Better living comes with the Trusted Brand

21 Oct 2021

Humanity has seen a major crisis during the Corona Outbreak and it has time again proved the necessity of owning a home, which would be a safer place! While the nation came to a standstill, everybody was advised to ‘Stay Home and Stay Safe’.

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Shifting Trends in Real Estate Market

8 Oct 2021

Real estate is widely seen as the safest mode of investment for investors and buyers. Following the initial wave of the pandemic, which resulted in a countrywide lockdown, there was a reduction in assets for investors and tenants who had returned home.

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Technological Developments and Innovations in Real Estate

29 Sep 2021

India’s real estate market is one of the most growing industries across the entire globe. It encompasses a variety of properties and projects with excellent locations, price ranges, amenities, etc. Despite being one of the leading markets globally, Indian Real Estate sometimes lacks a multitude of technical developments and innovations.

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An Impeccable Property of Siddharth Vihar Becomes a Viable Option of NCR

18 Sep 2021

People who live to invest in property and generally live in NCR look for comparatively cheaper options with more amenities. Thus, Property in Siddharth Vihar is a viable option for those looking for a lower-priced property with more exciting features.

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Lifestyle - Ideal and Contemporary

14 Sep 2021

Living in the modern and fast-paced era have made our lives easier but sometimes we don’t feel the best when surrounded.

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RERA and Its Importance

5 Sep 2021

Real estate sector in India is currently experiencing one of its significant phases due to the rising levels of lifestyle-based projects and increase in demand of end user products.

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Facilities does Matter

27 Aug 2021

If one is considering buying a new home then these days one major factor that comes to every mind is the facilities and amenities.

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Experience a Tranquil Living Coming up at SG Shikhar Height

20 Aug 2021

Nowadays, we spend our lives amid the rush of accomplishing our jobs, managing our relationships and roles, or simply completing the monotony of our 24x7 existence. Although these difficulties follow us virtually everywhere, the best thing we can do for our mental and social calm is to live in an area that provides not only a comfortable home but also a delightful lifestyle, and Shikhar Height by SG Estates is all about this tranquil living.

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