Sustainable & Affordable Home Decor Trends in 2021

12th February 2021

According to the Trend Report 2021, specialists think that people will welcome rich and classical fittings to make their homes more welcoming and use natural-looking materials and lighter wood. Like anything else, home decor is evolving. And while more significant trends are more apparent over longer periods, there are usually emerging innovations entering the design space each year.

We at SG Estates Pvt Ltd, help you hereby with some thoughtful beautifications & trends to decorate your home-

1) Embrace luxury and tradition by taking simple, rounded furniture into your home:
Hunt for sofas, sectionals, and couches that look and sound cosy—something that you might curl up on and watch TV, or read a nice novel, where people who want their homes to be more comfortable. Choose furniture pieces that lean less minimal or mid-century, and instead are more traditional, with simple decorative carvings and knotty wood surfaces which bring elegance to the home.

2) Adopt bold wall colours: Simple wall tones have been the entire buzz for the past few years, with shades originating from sculptures or even an accent wall. The navy blues, dark greys are few examples.

3) Add colours to space in your home & make sure which room & what colour you pick: Even though it can be exciting to get bold colours on your walls, you should think about how the colour you select could have an effect & how you feel in the room. Intense colours in bedrooms or offices will help in influencing your mood when trying to work or sleep. One can also pick a space where you will not feel overly struck by an intense colour palette, such as a living or dining area.

4) Include lighter woods: Whether it’s Scandinavian blonde or more rustic light oak, the study states lighter-toned wood replace medium and darker shades. The wood’s colour is uplifting and easy to design around, creating a slightly more modern look, even in cosy and comfortable spaces.

5) In the realm of fashion, old is always gold: While the comfort and tradition will be overwhelming in 2021, the new look that became great in the early centuries (’80/’90s) will still be popular. Angular forms, glass and stone fabrics, and Art Deco are all characteristics of the style. These previously futuristic shapes have been retro, which is why people like them now.

6) Layering textures and creating a natural look: The natural look is focused on distinct pieces that establish a consistent vibe, so it’s wise to layer fabrics and textures in your home if you want to integrate the theme. One can layer a wool rug or a larger jute rug; add a cane or rattan chair to space. One can also pile pillows and throw atop the sofa to create softness and finish in the room.

Hence, one can use these trends, read more on such topics & can enhance your home’s entire outlook, renovate it, or justify it with the best decor trends.