SG Shikhar Height - A Focus on Healthy Homes, the future residential choice!

31st March 2023

Around the globe, the concepts of healthcare, lifestyle routines, and work environments have all changed dramatically by the year 2020. The most probable way of coping with a modern planet and its future consequences is to learn to change our perspective on health, jobs, and family life.

SG Shikhar Height in Siddharth Vihar, SG Estates Pvt Ltd’s premium luxury project, has launched homes that care for you – apartments that have been thoughtfully designed and created so you can enjoy an exclusive healthy living lifestyle amidst a variety of fitness and leisure facilities.

1) Focus on Healthier Living-

The luxurious amenities such as modern equipped gym, yoga centre, the open gym, swimming pool, indoor games will undoubtedly help the people to follow their daily health routine without any disturbances as all these facilities are built & well-designed giving a property healthier approach.

2) A stress-free zone-

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take a break from the city’s bustling routine and interrupt your fast-paced life? The society’s environment at SG Shikhar Height will help you calm and de-stress. When you lose yourself in the vastness of the lush greens, you’ll forget about your problems.

3) Exclusive Sitting Zone for Elders

 Reaching the age of seniority is like a golden transition into a more relaxed lifestyle. Senior citizens should opt for dwellings offering the benefits of peaceful living. An exclusive sitting zone has been created inside the project premises where they can get-together & relax with like-minded people during their free time. This brings lots of emotional and psychological benefits to them. Hence, choosing SG Shikhar Height is equivalent to choosing happiness, safety, security, and well-being for senior family members. 

4) Neighbourhood for all your necessities-

A neighbourhood blessed with the convenience of the hospitals, medical facilities, medical shops, banks, essential groceries, stores for daily needs will surely make your life easier blessed with doorstep connectivity!

Hence, SG Shikhar Height is a premium residential project & is undoubtedly a place to discover your life with healthier & prosperous living with pro-healthier home. Book your luxurious abode at SG Shikhar Height in Siddharth Vihar and seize the fruitful benefits!