Give your child comfort space & a perfect environment to grow & explore!

18th March 2021

The independent impact of homeownership combined with its positive effect on the home environment results in the children of owners achieving math scores up to 9% higher, reading scores up to 7% higher, and reducing children’s behaviour problems by up to3%. (Study by Harvard Education)

Since it involves the circumstances in which a child develops a sense of belonging and permanence, a child’s environment plays a vital role in their growth. It also affects a child’s physical development as a result of the constraints imposed by their surroundings. By furnishing a child with affection, emotion, an enriching and stimulating home atmosphere promotes healthy growth and brain development. Hence, the environment at your home, as well as its surroundings, fosters wholesome growth and brain development by giving a child love, passionate support, and possibilities for learning and development.

On the other hand, low-quality housing — often accompanied by pests, poor ventilation, lack of heat, and other harmful factors — has been strongly connected to children’s physical health problems. Perhaps you envision them running around in a beautiful park in your building or living in a community where children walk to school, etc. This blog examines how owning a home can affect a child’s formative years and help parents cultivate their brains, health, and souls over time. This blog looks at how homeownership can influence a child’s critical years and be an enabler for parents to progressively sustain their child’s mind, body, and soul.

A sense of belongingness

A house is frequently viewed as an asset that appreciates over the years. While this is true, a home’s actual value can appear priceless when viewed as a shelter. Getting their own home would provide children with a sense of security and belonging. In a child’s existence, this sense of belonging will manifest in various ways. A good understanding of belonging will lead to stronger leadership instincts, greater freedom, and the self-confidence to take on new and challenging tasks.

Nourishing development

Every child’s growth path is distinct in its way. For individual adolescents, the approach to being well-adjusted adults can have striking similarities and contrasting variations. This disparity in child development necessitates personal parenting techniques for each child at a tempo that is just right for them. Parents should concentrate on their child’s individual needs rather than being pressured or overburdened into making choices that could be harmful to their development. Furthermore, homeownership necessitates a stronger sense of community with the neighbourhood, different residents of the community, which plays a vital role in the growth of a child’s personality. Various amenities in societies such as open gym, swimming, yoga, jogging, skating, etc., can indulge in learning new skills & unleashing their potential.

Fostering overall health

According to research, homeownership has a strong effect on a child’s physical wellbeing. A healthy environment with absolutely perfect ventilation, sunlight, an airy atmosphere, greenery can overall lead to a child’s growth. The surroundings with lush greens bring positivity; the play area brings a healthy & active lifestyle.

Natural Surroundings, mental peace-

In addition to psychological growth, children need room and resources to grow physically and mentally. Homeownership may offer several main benefits that support a child’s overall development. There are many opportunities for children to explore their interests and develop within the culture. Growing in green areas has been linked to better health & better IQ. It suggests that children who grow in green spaces have better cognitive skills, including mindfulness and attention ability.

The choice of homeownership can have a positive impact on a child’s future. It, therefore, becomes vital for parents to understand how it can positively impact their future and plan their lives accordingly. Keeping in mind such an important fact of life, SG Estates Pvt Ltd has thoughtfully conceptualised & built homes which stands on these essential factors that help provide a blessed environment for all the family to grow & live a comfortable, healthier & a life which they have desired for with utmost luxurious amenities, connectivity to prime locations & much more! After successfully delivering the home to thousands of happy customers in the past 34 years, SG Estates Pvt Ltd is now constructing a beautiful luxury project SG Shikhar Height with an absolute friendly environment for the family to grow & settle in Siddharth Vihar, the fastest growing residential hub in Ghaziabad, just next to Indirapuram.