Five attributes of an incredible location- Rajnagar Extension

13th February 2021

It is well known that one of the main characteristics of outstanding investment in real estate is a perfect spot. A well-located real estate project has many benefits, not only in terms of usability and ease but also in resale value and ROI. Rajnagar Extension, situated in the suburbs, is the perfect blend of serene and green spaces at your doorstep with all the amenities one would want. 

Here are the five characteristics of a perfect location:

Accessibility & Convenience-

The most defined attribute of a fabulous neighbourhood is its approachability and comfort. It facilitates connectivity to schools, hospitals, employment hubs, shopping malls, theaters, hotels, and other prime areas neighbouring town. Rajnagar Extension has a sound civic and social infrastructure. Best roads, top-class medical care, commanding educational institutes including schools and colleges, shopping stops, public gardens & parks, it assures that you have necessities at your availability. Raj Kumar Goel Institute of Technology, Delhi, Christ Institute of Management, HR Institute of Technology, Avantika Hospital, Karuna Hospital, Sarvodaya Hospital, VVIP Style, KW Delhi-6, and Gaur Central Mall are few of the eminent Schools/Institutions, Hospitals & Malls. The most extensive forest reserve is located in Rajnagar Extension to promote a healthier life with serenity. 

Safety & Security: Always determine a location by how the local municipal officials control it (condition of roads, power and water supply, street lights, etc.) and its notoriety for being a safe community. 

Supreme surroundings: A good location will always give you the comfort of a joyful, serene and green atmosphere. Peace and harmony, solitude and a pleasant view are the hallmarks of a home in a fantastic place. Filled with all the amenities a home buyer might look for in a home such as convenient location, commuting services, healthcare & education, shopping & restaurants, and most importantly, within a short distance of workplace, Rajnagar Extension extends all these familiar comforts, making it one of the central suburbs’ most favoured residential neighbourhoods. 

Reliable investment options: Another metric on which you can assess the location & its value is based on renowned developers the real estate offers. Projects in these areas still offer splendid investment possibilities, which you would be able to judge from the consistent appreciation of property values.

Wide range of amenities with health benefits: A good location would allow you access to a wide variety of social and civic services, both inside the residential complex and in the community, allowing you to experience a holistic and well-functioning way of life. The city may have driven you into a lifestyle that can never really be healthy — but a place where nature meets a city life’s modern luxuries is SG Grand. Healthy living is not a chore; it is a by-product of the environment you choose to live in. The project is close to the Green Forest belt, developed by GDA, which marks the fresh, healthy, and hygienic environment in the surroundings.