Changing Trends in Real Estate

21st July 2021

The uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a major change in terms of lifestyle and preferences amongst the consumers of each industry. The market sentiment has impacted each and every industry following the frequent lockdowns and hesitant behaviour of people across the country. Real estate industry is also not untouched by it. Significantly, real estate is the 2nd highest employment generating industry in India. As this industry is one of the major contributors towards the nation’s GDP, let’s have a look at some recent and changing trends going on in this segment: –

• Increase in Investment by Women: – Various initiatives, government policies, and banks with reduced loan rates are encouraging women to come forward and invest in real estate and buy house in their names.

• Income Stability: – Investors with considerably stable income will gain confidence in diversifying focus on assets with better and higher returns to make sure that their money is secure and is increasing its value.

• Upgrade in Lifestyle: – Even the mid income buyers are keen to move into better homes with best in class amenities and open spaces for outdoors. The standard of living is witnessing an increase after lockdown which is leading to buyers preferring latest ecosystems and recreational activity zones. Increasing number of luxury projects in Siddharth Vihar (a preferred micro market of Ghaziabad NCR) is a fine example.

• Increase in demand of bigger size homes: – The pandemic has forced work professionals to work from home. This has result in two things, first that families are looking for large size homes where the working members can find some extra space for their work hours. Secondly, single working professionals living in smaller homes and rental homes are also shifting back with their families. This also increases the demand in bigger size homes.

These are some recent trends witness in the real estate market since the first strike of the pandemic early last year. Though times are still uncertain, but we hope to come out of it as early as possible and get all industries and the economy on track. We are sure real estate will again play a major role in a king of revamp.

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