Benefits of Low Density Living

5th July 2021

This term ‘low density living’ or ‘low density housing’ is quite eminent these days. But let us think why it is so? Firstly, let us understand what low density living or housing is. It is a type of housing with a very less number of residential units on any residential block or less number of occupants per acre in a housing society. A sense of spaciousness pervades the entire community and gives a feeling of openness to its residents. Now the question arises that why do buyers favours or desires a low-density housing project? As metropolitan cities are getting denser, homebuyers are looking for low density homes for a scenic and calm living environment with more open spaces.

We can also say that they are looking forward to enjoying their privacy while being in a community of likeminded people. Another benefit of low density projects is the greater sharing of the available amenities. Even the common areas like the entrance gate to the lobbies and lifts all feel less crowded with a few residents, even the roads of the society never seem congested.

A sheer example these days of low density living is SG Shikhar Height at Siddharth Vihar, Ghaziabad. Now Siddharth Vihar is one of the most talked about locations in the NCR. Being next to Indirapuram and Noida and at a touching distance from Delhi and Ghaziabad, this area is excellently connected and full of social infrastructure. SG Shikhar Height is one of the finest residential projects in Siddharth Vihar which offers low density living to its residents. The project which is under construction offers maximum open space.

Getting the most of the greater share of amenities stands very true in this project as it offers similar amenities as others but to a lesser number of families. Homogeneous living or living with likeminded people concept is also a fulfilling factor at SG Shikhar Height as the project has dedicated towers for 2 and 3 bhk residences. Hence, if you are fond of low density living or homogeneous living then SG Shikhar Height is your go to option among the residential projects in Siddharth Vihar Ghaziabad.

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