Reality Bytes

Reality Bytes

01 Sep, 2014

Home has an emotional value attached to it and we all want to OWN one. However it is a high value investment and I still remember the days when till late part of 1990’s people used to save for the most part of life and then buy a house after savings of the last time. Scenario changed with the ease in availability of the Home Loans and now we have seen that most active First Time Buyers are in the age group of 27-35 years.  This is also the period of life where most things happen which have a life changing impact- New Job, Marriage, Car,  Children and hence a person incurs maximum expenditure .

Buying a home at this juncture can be difficult even with the option of easy home loans since there are so many liabilities always to service.

It is to address this difficulty that SG Estates has reintroduced its popular 50:50 EMI sharing scheme for our project SG Grand in Raj Nagar Extn., Ghaziabad where in the company will reimburse the 50% portion of the monthly EMI to its client for first 2 years so a buyer doesn’t have to bear the burden of servicing monthly rent and EMI both.

The same scheme was introduced earlier as well and it was a huge success. It is introduced again for our new project.

SG Estates introduces scheme which actually addresses the requirements of the end user and help them in fulfilling the dream of owning the House rather than encourage speculation.

More details of the scheme can be taken from our website – or by writing to us at

SG Estates Ltd has been a prominent developer operating in different parts of Ghaziabad and has delivered various projects in Vasundhara and Raj Nagar Extn. in Ghaziabad.

Ongoing projects of the company are SG Oasis In Vasundhara, SG Homes in Vasundhara, SG Grand in Raj Nagar Extn. and SG Benefit in Govindpuram.

Completed projects in Ghaziabad are SG Impressions in Vasundhara, SG Alpha Tower, SG Beta Tower, SG Impressions 58 in Raj Nagar Extn., SG Impressions Plus in Raj Nagar Extn. amongst others.


Gaurav Gupta


SG Estates Ltd. 

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