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Work Environment

We, at SG Estates Ltd. value our people as resources and keep them as an ASSET. We work as a team, mutually, differently, ethically in a most efficient manner. SG Estates have also always been striving to Induct and Retain talented people who are professionally competent in field of Sales, Marketing, Engineering, Quality Control, Finance and Human Resources.

At SG Estates, we build leaders who create value, we believe that initiatives taken today will show a better tomorrow, that's why we value integrity, creativity, passion and attitude. Together, these empower our people to make decision, take risks, to set their goals and ultimately create a winner. This is more so when the company is experiencing rapid growth and expansion.

Our vision in HR is to have Entrepreneur Leaders for every division as independent profit centers. To achieve this, we at SG are moving in the direction where authority is given along with responsibility to enable fast and innovative decision making.

Our Motive is to sharpen employee's skill by offering them "Careers" not only "Jobs". If you are looking for a meaningful career, SG Estates has challenging opportunities for candidates both at entry level and senior positions.

You may write to us at for more details or submit your CV if you are interested to work with SG.

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Key Aspects

Regular upgradation of skills is the need of the hour. We believe in same and have regular training programmers for team members who are progressive and have a zeal to outperform.

Company can grow only when its people Grow. We at SG grow hand in hand.

Must to beat the inflation and ever growing needs.
For us, employee engagement and retention are at the top of our list.

For us, employee engagement and retention are at the top of our list.
SG Estates endeavors to provide training, medical care, and promotion to its employees. Because a satisfied employee ensures maximum productivity and a positive work environment.

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