This Navratri, own your home in a ready to move in properties by SG Estates at Rajnagar Extension & Vasundhara, Ghaziabad’s most sought address!

With the festive season being around the corner in India, passing from October to January, the real estate industry seems to gain good traction, post the Covid 19 in the demand of the property market. In India, festive time is considered auspicious where Indians look forth to this course of time as they can take benefit of the best deals to make such significant investments in their lives. 

Navratri marks the onset of the festival season which is considered to be very propitious & is observed for nine days across India. This period is connected with a feeling of prosperity that, in turn, is strengthened with safety and comfort. Unlike in the past years, this year, the real scenario seems different because the market is slowly coming up & growing. The buyers are seeking & want to own home with the credible developers’ with whom the buyers are pretty confident to make a great housing deal. The promoters are offering discounts on property prices during this festival season, mostly seen in parts of India, like Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurugram, Mumbai, etc. SG Estates, having a legacy of 34+ years, has been one of the prominent real estate players who have been providing great offers on their ready to move in projects in Rajnagar Extension, SG Grand & it’s another ready to move in the project at Vasundhara, SG Oasis.

Covid-19 has stimulated the requirement and significance of owned houses for a generation that was leaning towards renting over buying. The coming quarter will be a massive investing opportunity for fence-sitters, quick-decision makers, & other customer segments that can give returns. The spirit among homebuyers is generally upbeat with an overall cheerful sentiment in the property market. Homebuyers contemplating to buy a house this Navratri should know that today’s market is a buyers’ market. 

What should homebuyers keep in mind?

Homebuyers should also understand that there has been a slip in the market. Huge unsold inventory and the ongoing pandemic have urged firms not to raise their rates. As a result, prices are trading sideways. With fewer launches, the market is ready for homebuyers willing to buy.

Implementation of RERA assures timely completion. While ready-to-move-in properties are safe pots, picking up stuff in one of the under-construction projects with the developer who has credibility & trustworthiness, can also be the right choice.

Also, it makes reason to buy residential property only if it is for self-use but not for investment purpose. This is not the time to wish for immediate capital gains. 

About SG Estates Pvt Ltd-

Incorporated in the year 1986, until now, SG Estates Pvt Ltd has reached its peak with the best quality & no compromise! Not only building homes and spaces but equally has built trust and has been the renowned significant real estate developer in Delhi/NCR. Along with the residential sector, in 2003-04, SG Estates also started venturing in the commercial sector with the construction of buildings in different parts of Delhi by the name of SG plaza and SG Century Plaza. Later, the company delivered a series of group housing projects under the name of SG Impressions and constructed SG Impressions Vasundhara, SG Impressions Dehradun, SG Impressions 58 and SG Impressions Plus. SG Alpha Tower and SG Beta Tower are successfully running as iconic commercial projects in Vasundhara. 

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