Keep your home germ-free & safe in Monsoon amid Covid-19

Monsoon is synonymous with hot tea, long drives, munching on savoury snacks. But it’s relatively famous for cold, cough, fever and unsanitary living conditions!

As the air becomes frequently loaded with moisture & humidity, it forms a favourable environment for the spread of fungi and bacteria, especially indoors. Moreover, now that we’re battling the COVID-19 pandemic, following basic hygiene at home has become essential to ensure the safety of your loved ones. The prevailing pandemic situation has made it even more important to keep private and external living and working environments clean. A clean and sanitized home ensures that no one is exposed to contaminants or microorganisms. With some simple regular cleaning chores, it is possible to stay from the risk of contracting an infection. The current situation has made it clear that home is the safest refuge for us and it is essential to keep it as clean as possible.

Here are a few tips & tricks by SG Estates-

Clean your hands & feet after returning home-

Take a bath, preferably in warm water, after your return home. If a shower is not convenient for you, the least you should do is wash your hands and feet in tepid water, which has antiseptic liquid added in it.

Wash your outfits regularly-

Apart from sweat, your outfits can get wet due to the rains. The excess dampness can convert a breeding ground for many germs and also create fungal skin infections. So it’s essential to put your wet clothes to wash as soon as you are back home. Don’t wait to wash your wet clothes with the dry ones later on. Also, wash your outfits/garments after every use and dry them thoroughly before wearing them again.

Clean your footwear daily-

It’s wet and dirty everywhere in monsoons, so our footwear gets stained easily. Such shoe is a hotbed for germs and it can produce various skin problems. Learn to thoroughly clean your footwear at least twice a week during this season. Also, if you are prone to skin problems, you can apply anti-bacterial powder on your feet before wearing your footwear.

Maintain sanitation in the kitchen and bathroom-

Kitchen and bathroom are the wettest areas of the house, which predisposes them to bacterial germination. Make sure you keep them as sterile as possible and clean all surfaces with disinfectants regularly.

Get pest control done-

Since it is wet outside, pests like cockroaches, spiders and flies, enter your home to find a dry spot. They generally hide in nooks & corners, crevices or rarely accessed areas of the house and multiply from there. It is best to get a pest control procedure done to get rid of all such insects.

Hygienic living requirements are applicable during monsoons, especially during these trying times. Ensure that you take the necessary steps for the safety of your loved ones. 

As much as it is imperative to clean the insides of the home, it is vital to keep the outsides of the house clean too. And apart from clean surroundings, it’s better to live in an atmosphere that offers greenery and fresh air. Hence, in this way, you can keep your home germ free & safe.

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