Innovative Technology Boosts Real Estate Sector and Breaks Traditional Barriers!

As the macroeconomic conditions of all the sectors are improving, so is the real estate sector, the sales are increasing at a remarkable pace! With the Covid-19 scenario, construction activities were paused & with migrations of the workers at the site, the projects have started the construction work, with the full pace! 

Post Covid-19: A Great Time to Own a Home

Well, looking at the real estate market & the profits to invest now, these might be some of the most beneficial times to have a home. The home loan rates are at an all-time low as compared to the last two decades, prices are tamed in the market, and there is lots of engaging payment plans. Hence, the times are promising to own a home. The credibility of the builders plays an important role & hence the ready to move in properties especially in Delhi/NCR constructed by the top realty players are at its best!

New Opportunities to unravel the real estate market-

Covid-19 has changed the way customers think. The thought of owning a home has increased reiterated importance despite an inevitable economic slowdown. Therefore, people who were previously comfortable living in rented accommodations now prefer to buy homes. This trend has been observed in Delhi/NCR/Gurugram, etc. in the home will take power over the place of work and shape urban development and real estate opportunities. On the concrete side, the real estate sector has been prompt to respond to differences and modify to new technologies; which is likely in the digitization of so many processes. With the democratization of more modern platforms and the offering of unique investment avenues, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought about considerable shifts in property preferences that will last to survive the pandemic. The ANAROCK property consultants have conducted surveys sufficing the above facts. 

Technology Way Forward-

Technology is the way ahead for real estate. Innovative technology in real estate will play a much more crucial role in business succession. Instead, it will be used for an increment throughout the value chain. Digital & virtual viewing has jumped after the Covid times and the prevalence of digital events are on acceleration. Application Programming Interface’s integration with Customer Relationship Management is cutting and smoothening the operational cycles.

Furthermore, analytics and big data will play a meaningful role. Probably in the next few years, investors, surveyors, banks etc. will use machine learning to manage & multifaceted data analysis for property appraisals, valuations of securities, and collateral consideration. Not only will real estate benefit from technology, but the community will also enhance the Indian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Already useful connections are being forged within technological startups with property builders & advisories. Developers such as S.G. Estates have been one of the prominent developers in the industry who has been actively influenced by the innovative strategies by technologies.
(Source- Business World)


Under the aegis of Mr Subhash Gupta, SG Estates has manifested its presence in North India significantly in Delhi/NCR since 1986. The organization has presented a series of housing projects under S.G. Impressions, built S.G. Impressions Vasundhara, S.G. Impressions Dehradun, S.G. Impressions 58 and S.G. Impressions Plus. The projects have been completed and successfully delivered to the buyers. Currently, S.G. Oasis in Vasundhara, S.G. Benefit in Govindpuram, SG Grand Phase 1 in Rajnagar Extension, in Ghaziabad has been successfully delivered and are ready to move in properties in Ghaziabad. SG Grand Phase 2 and S.G. Shikhar Height are the two on-going projects located in the prime regions of Ghaziabad at Rajnagar Extension and Siddharth Vihar. 

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