How to decorate your home this Diwali

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There is a whole lot of excitement and amazing vibe to decorate a newly bought home. Everywhere you look, you are welcomed with pretty lights, lamps and beautiful rangoli. Furthermore, your new home should be no exemption. While the market is loaded up with myriad articles for Diwali decoration, also there is a certain pride in making your own and giving your home a dash of your personality. Of course, the admiration of guests is an additional motivator to making your very own Diwali decorations.

Innovative ideas for decorating your newly bought home this Diwali:

Everybody decorate the home with lampshades, or kandils. But, rather than purchasing a readymade one, try making your own? Utilize a small cardboard box or packing material to make your own remarkable light. Patterns in fascinating shapes with a bulb hanging inside look astounding.

No Diwali decoration is finished without rangoli. Utilize either rangoli colours or remaining gulal from Holi. The design can be as excellent and interesting as you make it. Include diyas, candles, flower petals, little lights and even earthen pots to add life into your rangoli.

A chain of lights
Astonish up any room with a chain of lights. Rather than simply setting up a string, get creative with a chain of bulbs. Cover the bulbs with bright cellophane paper to add colourfulness.

Diyas and Candles
Light up simple diyas and candles with colours and sparkle. You can get more imaginative by making diyas out of flour mixture, egg shells, seashells or even fruit peels. Include some sparkle, stick on a few sequins, pour in melted wax and add a wick. In the event that you need a scented flame, simply attach some cinnamon sticks to a candle and fill the home with a sweet smell.

Glass bottle lights
Check out your kitchen and will undoubtedly find unused, empty glass bottles. Cover with bright cellophane paper to make designs and give each bottle a fresh look. Place a candle or light strings inside to instantly light up your room.

Keep in mind the aroma
There’s a Diwali smell that is made of winter and firecrackers and sweets. Include a hint of something exceptional with flower decoration or strategically-placed potpourri.

Make it an eco-friendly Diwali this year. Recycle and reuse your old stuff and make your Diwali decorations at home adding to the festive spirit.

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