How Customer satisfaction is going to be the most important KRA for all Ghaziabad Realtors?

Real estate is becoming an increasingly competitive industry. Realtors should never ignore the importance of customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a factor that helps you stand out of the competition. There are dozens of factors contributing to the success (or failure) of a business, customer satisfaction is one of them. It’s important to track this factor and work on improving it, to make your customers more loyal and eventually turn them into brand ambassadors. The sooner you face it, the better you’ll perform.

In Ghaziabad Development Authority’s awareness workshop on RERA lately, UP-RERA Secretary Abrar Ahmed gave a glimpse of what RERA will offer in days to come. The authority is committed to protecting the interest of home buyers in the state and is in the process of introducing a grading system of realtors and their projects. Based on the kind of work done by any realtor, the grades will be awarded to their projects so that a prospective home buyer before investing in that project will have a beforehand knowledge of the reputation of the realtor, that way the buyers will have the advantage of choosing projects and realtors with good grades. The grading will be primarily based on the feedback of people who have been associated with the project and how compliant the realtors and their projects are with the RERA rules.

Mr Gaurav Gupta, Director, SG Estates and also General Secretary, CREDAI, Ghaziabad said that delay or stoppage of work on account of NGT ban on construction, or due to other local issues should be accounted into when a project fails to meet the deadline.

SG Estates has always strived hard to keep its customers satisfied and is committed to working harder each passing day. SG Estates is all set to be an example of a company that provides ravishing customer satisfaction.

Thus, it’s a duty of the realtors to focus on quality construction and timely delivery to keep their customers happy and build their reputation in the market as a trustworthy realtor.

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