Finding the Best Location Is the Top Consideration for Buying Residential Property

A few components should count on, before looking for a suitable property either for investment or for your personal use. Nonetheless, location plays a vital part in all of them. Some of the reasons discussed beneath why location is noteworthy for buying any residential property.


 Safe Neighborhood

Almost certainly, while finding a residential property, one should search for the key amenities that give comfort and practicality to your family members. Moreover it is also significant to look for the safer neighborhood. The most excellent property with an enormous cost and a bundle of amenities are of no value if one has to live in fear or have not a pleasant neighborhood. A safe and secure neighborhood will assure one live with certainty; move freely, regardless the time of the day.

 Distance from Basic Necessities

A good neighborhood should likewise incorporate vital amenities, for example, supermarkets, malls, hospitals, schools and colleges. The vast majority like the places that are convenient – in the case that buyers have to drive a great distance to get anything, this is probably going to make the property less appealing.

Ease of Commuting

The location should be in close proximity to a railway station, metro stations, and airport or bus terminals. Commutability is significant while deciding to buy a residential property. Good road connectivity and proximity to expressways are important for pricing of a property.


It’s not simply the present amenities that matter, but rather future ones too. Plans for schools, multi-speciality hospitals or other social infrastructure can drastically enhance property value in the territory. Commercial advancement can also enhance property value. When you’re looking for a home, attempt to see if any new public, commercial or residential developments are planned and consider how these extensions may influence the desirability of the location.

SG Estates has considered all the above factors in their ongoing project SG Grand. The project offers 2/3 BHK flats in Raj Nagar Ext., with all the world-class facilities and amenities for a truly comfortable and convenient living.  These flats in Raj Nagar Extension, Ghaziabad, would provide grand living experience with the secure and safe environment to its residents.

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