Customer Satisfaction in Real Estate Industry

Buying a House (especially under construction from a Developer) is a very different experience. The home buyer is confused with lot many thoughts, his decision is based on various parameters, he is confused about the success ratio of his hard earned investment.


The process which starts from booking travels various zones and then ends at possession. This period goes through various phases of happiness (elation) to depression to joy to frustrations and so on. The managing staff has a major role in deciding this journey of the home buyer. There are few things which are beyond your control but your words of assistance and assurance can help them enjoy this journey peacefully.

Keeping a customer satisfied and sorting out the customer complaints are the topmost priority of most Real Estate Companies. However, it is only a handful of companies that are able to keep their customers happy and delighted. What lacks is two-way communication, customers keep complaining and there is no ear to listen. The communication needs to be complete.

Why is it so complex and difficult to keep customers satisfied?

The answer lies in the way we perceive customer complaints and reviews. If we take complaints and reviews as negative and run away from them, they are going to multiply and grow like a weed on an unattended piece of land.

We at SG Estates take complaints and reviews as opportunities for us to see what our customers are talking about and what corrective actions are required to keep them satisfied.

Although nature of complaints in real estate is sometimes complex and beyond the control of the developer like developments which are in the purview of the local authorities like roads, street lighting, sewerage etc. We have found most of the complaints as opportunities to improve further and learn from them. However, there are many instances when the issues are such where no action or rectification is possible but still, a patient hearing and a responsible reply is the basic thing that we must do.

We at SG Estates ensure this and have a robust mechanism to handle all the queries of our valuable clients. We hope to achieve 100% customer satisfaction soon.


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