Buying or Renting?

Buying or renting! What will be the best thing to do, if you have recently relocated to a new city? This is the basic question that every individual thinks about when moving to a new city. There is a huge difference between buying and renting and each of them have their own pros and cons. Those who are still confused between buying and renting and want to avail accommodation in a new city, they can soup up the following comparison between both the processes.

Buying a Home:

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Live like a king

Paint the walls in your favourite colour, change the interiors whenever you want, put on your favourite curtains, fix new elements wherever you want and decorate it in your own way. These all are the things that you can enjoy in your own home without any interruption by the landlord. You need not to take any permission or think twice before remodelling your room or kitchen. Park your car in a reserved area and decorate your balcony with the best flowers. Simply buy and live your dream home.

Do not worry for payment hikes

Landlords usually make amendments in the charges for rent and parking. This might affect the budget of an individual who follows a fixed budget expense. Buying a home will aid you to make payment only once or have to follow a payment plan. Later, they need to just enjoy their personal expenses. There are no such rentals for parking, security, home rent and many more.

Earn a good return

You always need not live in your owned house. You can simply rent it for earning a good income. There are many circumstances when you need to leave your city. In this scenario, rent your house so that it can be maintained, and you can get a good rent, especially if it is in a metro city. However, you can also buy it and later sell it with a hike in the price that you have paid. This is the best way to get high profit without making high efforts.

Renting a Home:

Pay monthly rent

Every month you need to plan for the payment for the landlord. Sometimes, you must have also compromised with your desires of having a car or dress or other expenses. Many times you might have also dreamt of rental free home. Many times your landlord has also revised the rental charges and increased it to give you another burden to you. Thus, booking your own home can bring you all the happiness and luxury lifestyle.

Deadline for Rental Payment

Whenever a rental agreement is signed, the landlord always fixes the date for the rental payment. Exceeding the deadline, the tenant has to pay the penalty. This situation can sometimes create difficulty in managing the monthly budget.

No Returns against Rental House

Being a tenant, neither you can get any profit nor can you give that house to anyone on rent. After the agreement expires, you have realized that you have paid a lot to your landlord without getting any authorisation of land.

The bottom line:

Owning a home will give you an ace-class lifestyle where you can live exactly you have dreamt. So, always try to book your own home instead of becoming a tenant, when you can actually make an investment.

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