Best Property Investment locations to invest in Ghaziabad!

Ghaziabad is one of the fantastic cities located in Uttar Pradesh & in North India. Owning a home in a dream town is a dream come true moment. Many of the city’s posh areas come at a high price on its properties. The benefit of micro-level financing is that such locations come at fair rates and investors may expect satisfactory returns.

What makes Ghaziabad a favourable destination for investment in real estate is the variety of options it provides. From affordable housing to luxury apartments, this section of the NCR caters to various earning groups. While Raj Nagar Extension is a hub for affordable housing units, Indirapuram has mid-range options. In the case of luxury housing, Vaishali is analogous to Noida Expressway, with both regions having properties at similar price points, while Siddharth Vihar is the latest and ongoing area in Ghaziabad, which has a mix of mid-luxury homes.

Buyers have moved their attention from excellent properties to the mid-priced sections. They are now engaged in the in-depth investigation, such as visiting property sites a few times, and efficiency before buying. The significant factors that drive the reputation of any developer are the right size home, fair price and location. Homebuyers are now insisting the most on these three factors. Because of these reasons, several pockets across big cities and metros have proven to be the investment hotspots in Ghaziabad.

Indirapuram is one of the already developed places in the city with excellent advantages. Here are the few areas which have remarkably grown & prospered in Ghaziabad-

Rajnagar Extension- 

Rajnagar Extension or (RNE) in Ghaziabad is considered to be the fastest-growing micro pocket, where developments have boosted the real estate sector. Adding to this, connectivity has played an important role concerning the Hindon expressway and the metro line, which makes free travel possible.

The operational Hindon Airforce, the Eastern Expressway, ongoing Delhi-Meerut Expressway, have certainly helped to grow the real estate market. The people from the outer regions have started to settle in this location as there has been tremendous appreciation & fair market prices as compared to the other areas of NCR. The infrastructural growth and cost have played an essential role in attracting customers in the area. Realty developers such as SG Estates, having a good legacy of more than 34 years in the Delhi/NCR region, has successfully constructed the partially delivered SG Grand, which is ready to move in property & Phase 2 towers are in progress. Located in Rajnagar Extension, offering 2/3BHK residences, it is one of the excellent prepared to move in property with best amenities.

Established homebuyers, along with potential homebuyers, are assured of the prospect of returns from this strategic position due to their market adaptability. As realtors, Rajnagar Extension has witnessed a significant change; commercial developers have begun to undertake new construction projects. This will contribute to the affordability of numerous housing and economic development initiatives.

Siddharth Vihar-

Siddharth Vihar has a vast housing potential with more than 2-3 lakh people expected to live there in the next five years and with Link Road providing seamless connectivity on both sides between NH-24 and NH-58, the growth of this area is likely to be speedy tracked. Being a neighbour to Indirapuram, Siddharth Vihar is only a 10-minute drive from Delhi, 3 km from Ghaziabad Railway Station, 45 minutes from IGI Airport, 10 minutes from Noida and easily accessible from any point in the NCR. SG Estates is focusing on group housing projects in the city. SG Estates has recently launched its new SG Shikhar Heights project in the town, with a total of approximately 800 units with a sales area of 8 lakh sq. Ft. built on 3.5 acres of land comprising 3 unit types in 2/3 BHK variants.

The advent of Siddharth Vihar has given rise to another outstanding choice for buyers and investors. There is a lot of location, connectivity and infrastructural advantages to this place that others don’t have. Looking at how changes are taking place in Siddharth Vihar, this will be Ghaziabad’s second Indirapuram in the future.


Vasundhara has developed as an enticing real estate destination in the NCR. Together with Vaishali and Indirapuram, Vasundhara is one of the fastest-growing locations in Ghaziabad for both end-user and investment purposes. Convenient location and sound infrastructure are the key factors that add fuel to the residential demand in Vasundhara. The proximity of the locality to Vaishali provides convenient access to the Delhi Metro. Anand Vihar ensures seamless intra-city and inter-city connectivity through the interstate bus terminal (ISBT) and the railway station. With ample land for new residential and commercial developments and a rise in the demand for housing, real estate developers have recently launched a range of new projects here. SG Oasis is ready to move in project in Vasundhara, which ensures comfort and affordability.


Govindpuram is a newly established locality in Ghaziabad that effortlessly connects the city of Ghaziabad. A lot of affordable housing units and upcoming developments have drawn buyers in this region.

SG Estates, a valued real estate developer in the area with more than three decades of existence, has established a ready-to-move-in project- SG Benefit in Govindpuram, that appeals to customers. Connectivity is the plus point that makes it more worthy. Schools, banks, hospitals and medical stores in the vicinity make it a prime location. Shopping malls, restaurants, banks, are easily accessible and therefore, an ideal choice for buying a home at SG Benefit. The markets in the vicinity would meet all the needs of the people. 

Hence, these are the best locations where you can invest in Ghaziabad. Also, these are the hotspot regions where investing is an excellent option considering the real estate market growth, rates appreciation, etc.

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