Anarock report reveals women home-buyers are likely to grow in future!

Gone are those days when it was mainly a man’s realm to buy the property. Today, we no longer exist in an era when women tended to get married to buy a home as today’s independent and strong women want to build their own resources and multiply their investment securities. It has been a paradigm shift in the house buying patterns in India. Of newspaper ads to online real estate portals, from real site visits to the pragmatic live tours of a property – it has changed all over!

Unlike men, more women purchase properties to stay in it. This conclusion can be extracted from the newest study by real estate consultants Anarock! The report has remarked that 77% of women buy homes for end-use as compared to 62% of men in India. Among women investing in real estate in Delhi/NCR, 42% favour affordable segment within Rs 45 lakh, accompanied by 32% in mid-segment (Rs 45 lakh-Rs 90 lakh), 20% in the premium class (Rs 90 lakh-Rs 1.5cr) and 6% in the luxury segment above Rs 1.5cr, unveils the Anarock report. The burgeoning dominance of women homebuyers has been a continuous happening over the past few years, particularly in urban cities. Vicinity to work is a concern of choice amongst women homebuyers. It has been observed that women are willing to purchase homes as early by the age of 25. 

Mr Gaurav Gupta, Director, SG Estates, states, “According to a recent article by the Times of India, among women investing in real estate Delhi/NCR, 61% are homebuyers while 39% consider property as an investment opportunity. The growing dominance of women homebuyers is a phenomenon over the past few years. Women homebuyers are increasingly becoming a substantial customer base for urban centres and will increase in future.”

So, if you have determined to take a bold step in high heels, here are several tips that might be beneficial.

  • Outline your budget sensibly keeping the current and upcoming investments in mind. Taking stock of your finances is crucial.
  • The analysis is the key to seize a great deal on your dream home. Various rounds of due attention will help you shortlist a reliable developer as well as a suitable lender.
  • Last but not least, if you are new in this game, expert advice is always valued.
  • Several States including UP give stamp duty benefit in case the property is registered in the name of the lady.

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